※English follows Japanese.

TEDxAnjoメインカンファレンスでは多くの方に興味を持っていただきたく、12歳以上年齢制限なし、初参加者限定の無料招待枠(Scholarship Ticket)を設けさせていただきました。

Scholarship では、通常のトークセッションに加えて、事前説明会やイベント後のレポート提出を通してさらにTED/TEDx/TEDxAnjo について学びを深めながらご参加いただきます!



申込期限:9/30(水)23:59 → 10月31日(土)まで延長しました!
詳細はこちら↓ Scholarshipの申込みフォームになります!

【Special limited invitation for the first time participants to TEDxAnjo main conference!】

For those of you attending TEDxAnjo2020 on Nov. 29 for the first time will receive free invitation up to 30 participants! (You must be older than 12 yrs old.)
Scholarship invitation includes regular participation to the talk sessions, special pre-orientation workshop and report submission after the conference to learn about TED and TEDxAnjo much deeper.
I’m sure you don’t want to miss this fascinatingly positive atmosphere and time with our passionate speakers sharing wonderful ideas and participatnts from all over the world whose hearts connected through on-line together!
It can be a powerful and valuable experience to accelerate your future with confidence and excitement.
Make sure not to miss!
Application deadline: at 23:59, Sept. 30 (Japan time)
※The event will be held only in Japanese, no translation available.
This is the Scholarship application form! Click here for details.