Japanese Taiko Group

Formed in 2003, and currently has seven members. BONGA has been pursuing their own original music and unique sound by taking traditional Japanese drum sounds and mixing it with a modern taste.”BONGA” means the power to control the universe and the power of prayer, and wishes to move the heart of the audience with their performances at local festivals and events. In the past, they’ve performed in outdoor festivals and events in Gifu, Kyoto, and Shiga Prefecture, and has also performed in the finals for Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest in August 2010.In October 2017, the first ever taiko festival in Aichi, “DENPA” was produced by instructor and member of BONGA, HidenoriYura, held in Denpark in Anjo with over 20 different groups from nearby regions in the course of two days.

TEDx Talks:

Make Wadaiko (Japanese drums) more liberal | BONGA | TEDxAnjo

世界各地の音楽の要素を取り入れ、新しい形の和太鼓音楽を追求しているBONGA。今回は静から動の太鼓演奏がたっぷり味わえるオリジナル曲「三河ディショナル」 と、豊年満作を祝い、観客と掛け声を掛け合いながら演奏する曲「HONEN」を披露します。BONGAの躍動感溢れる演奏は聴く人の心に響き、和太鼓の魅力に引き込まれます。

BONGA takes the elements of world music in pursuit of a new style of Japanese drumming. They perform a piece called “Mikawa Ditional,” which has a wide range of beats from soft to uplifting, and another piece, “Honen,” expressing the celebration of a bountiful rice harvest by shouting with the audience. BONGA’s dynamic performance resonates to your heart, and will be attracted to the charm of Japanese drumming performance.